We are new here

Hello. I am writing this in proxy for my father who was diagnosed in February. He currently has zero use of his hands- so is unable to type or navigate the computer. He is 72 and symptoms became noticeable about 6-8 months ago. He quickly lost ability to walk and was diagnosed with GBS. He was shipped off to a nursing home to start rehab, but he got continually worse. After Medicare stopped paying for the rehab, he went home where my mom has taken on the task of caring for him. He needs round the clock care at this point and she has a hoyer lift to get him in and out of bed. Dad was finally diagnosed with CIDP in February and started getting IVIG treatment immediately. He still got worse, so MD put him on Prednisone and Cellcept as well. I am happy to report he has started to be able to move his arms and legs a little bit- but his hands and wrists and feet are still utterly useless.
We are hoping that the treatments continue to show improvements. Does anyone have experience with losing full use of hands/feet and recovering them to some point? We are not expecting him to be 100%, but if he could just gain a little independence. I am grateful to have found this group bc it gives me hope. Thank you.