Weight gain with medications?

Has anyone gained weight? I have 40 lbs, unsure if Neurontin is the cause. I'm on 2700 mg a day.

I gained 30kg in 5 months with Lyrica :pig::pig_nose:. I’ve begged to come off it. My Neuro laughs and tells me to exercise :rage:. I can barely walk let alone go for a leisurely jog FFS! :hocho::woman_health_worker:t2:

Yes 45 lbs 4000 mg of gabapentin and also on steroids

I’ve gained 40 pounds since leaving the hospital in September 2015. I don’t think it’s the medication, I think it’s a combination of diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Good Morning!

I gained 80+lbs pushing me near 315+ lbs. I was having all kinds of medical problems because of it. My Neuro also laughed at me and told me to exercise. Before GBS, I was in the gym twice a day, but when I exercise now, it takes 4-5 days of recovery. Doctor’s tell me to stop being lazy. I told them that it was the medication making me gain weight Gabapentin 900mg x3 a day.

So I took it upon myself and had gastro-bypass. I dropped my weight to 240lbs. 1 year later and I’m starting to push 280lb. I don’t eat much anymore because my stomach is so small. I also play softball every Friday, (I’m down Sat and Sun, but at least I’m out running).

I need some help.