Weird sensations when walking?

Hello All,

I'm new to this site and am glad to have found it. I was dx'd about 5 years ago and have a relatively mild case. I've been put on IVIG twice, the most recent ending 3 months ago. The IVIG helps with strength and temporarily returns feeling to my hand but it doesn't affect the symptoms that bother me the most. I have trouble walking down hills. They feel much steeper to me than they are. I feel like I'm being pushed from behind to go faster than I want to. From time-to-time I will suddenly and fleetingly feel like I've stepped on a patch of ice or a people mover at the airport. My foot feels like its slipping when it isn't. My neuro says this is small fiber neuropathy and not related to CIDP. He says the cause will probably never be known and hasn't suggested any treatment. At an in-person support group meeting recently, half of the CIDP patients told me they experienced similar sensations. Since so little is really known about how people experience this disease, I'm continuing my completely unscientific survey here hoping to gather more info. Have any of you had these or similar problems? Thank you for your time.

The walking down hills sounds like thigh weakness. That's how I feel. I can walk on level ground relatively easy, but any grade (up or down) or unevenness (like muddy ground or snow) makes me feel out of control and wobbly. I have never felt the "slip sensation" though. Have you had a skin biopsy to prove the small fiber neuropathy?

Thank you for the reply and ideas, scribewicz! I'm sorry to hear about your wobbliness. I actually have pretty strong legs and uneven terrain is easier for me to navigate than shiny, level surfaces. Go figure! I think this problem is a combination of low blood pressure and proprioception abnormalities. I'll look into a skin biopsy -- thanks for the suggestion!