Weird symptom timeline?

Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone had a similar timeline as mine. I began having burning pain and tingling in hands and feet, also shocklike random pains. On March 2 woke with weakness in left arm and leg. Went to ER next day, spent 3 days in hospital, CSF was only 55, EMG was clean, everything. No dx. A week later the left side weakness left, but by the afternoon, felt weakness on both sides. At this time felt spasms, not painful, on sides on neck, then tinging burning pain began all over, even my head, face, ears, etc. Another ED trip and another CSF no higher number. The following week (this past) both legs became extremely weak, and felt by face on right go numb and weak. The next day felt my right face rapidly become the same, although the right side improved. Also now have 3 numb toes and half of the rt. foot.

The nuero team (I live by a medical school/university) first thought GBS. But due to my good reflexes and rapid changes in 3.5 weeks, etc, they are now questioning it. Anybody identify with this at all timeline wise. They said most folks with this peak after 2 weeks. Also everything is good. I am perplexed and worried, still think it could be a real mild case. Thanks all, glad to find this site.

Hi Diana

I'd never heard of GBS until I had it. Although i did have extreme symptoms once it peaked (life support etc for several weeks) my initial symptoms were really odd. I started having tingling on my lips and then slight numbness and loss of my sense of taste. this happened over about a week. I then got tingling in my fingers and decided to contact GP for appointment. This was about 10 days after first odd symptoms but then within a very short pace of time (several hours) the condition got worse. When arriving for GP appointment my legs began to be affected and then after admission to hospital (a fantastic call by the GP who suspected GBS) I deteriorated further.

I have met a few people who have had GBS since I first developed the condition and I don't think any one person has had the same symptoms and in most cases there was some doubt about diagnosis even with a more severe presentation (They did question my diagnosis for quite some time wondering about a stroke and various other wierd conditions).

Its good that you seem to be getting good care and hopefully they can keep an eye on it - hope you make a good recovery