Welcome Michelle from Texas!

Hi @Mjariz and welcome to our community! We are glad you found us and hope you will benefit by connecting with others, utilizing published resources, or simply reading stories of those that can relate to you with CIDP.

You mentioned you’ve recently experienced your third episode and are having several related issues. How are you feeling today, and have you noticed any improvement at all? If there’s anything you’d like to share at all, however much or little, this is a safe place and respectful community.

We look forward to getting to know you and wish you all the best, Michelle!


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Do we get to see the information published by these new visitors to the site that you are welcoming?

You sure do, William! If you click on any member’s avatar (like your W in the green circle), up pops their story! That will also give you a “message” option: click on the MESSAGE icon and you are sending them a private message.

The new member’s avatar doesn’t show on this thread, but that’s why Brandon has “tagged” Mjariz. (See in the first line of Brandon’s message, he welcomes @Mjariz ?) Just click on that, and the member’s avatar will pop up as well. By the way, by using the “@…” tag, Mjariz will be sent a message saying that she was mentioned in a post.

Cool feature, don’t you think?

Seenie from Moderator Support

Yes I do think it’s cool!

William T. Scott

You know, from time to time I’ve thought that we should post tips and tricks like that. I’m sure there are more folks here who don’t know that they can do that.


That’s a good idea. Could include in the guide or FAQ maybe?