"What CMT Means To Me"

CMT means sometimes I start my day by getting our of bed, tripping over my feet, and falling on my face.

CMT means to me that I found new friends after starting a local support group.

CMT means giving up my career as a pharmacist, because my hands don't work and I cannot stand for long hours.

CMT means I can enjoy my "early retirement!"

CMT means I have to wear uncomfortable braces and can't find any shoes that fit, other than sneakers a size larger and wider than I used to need.

CMT means I have time to write articles to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms to help others get the proper diagnosis.

CMT means leg cramps and nerve pain in my arms and hands with excruciating pain when my hands or feet get really cold in the Winter.

CMT means overcoming my shyness to speak up and advocate for awareness and fundraising for a treatment and facilitating a support group.

CMT means that most of my dishes are chipped or cracked because I keep dropping them. I’m on my third coffeepot in 6 months. They don’t bounce very well.

CMT means I worry people will think I’m drunk because of my off kilter gait.

CMT means I worry about the future: will I be wheel chair bound; will I have more difficulty swallowing; will I be one of the few who develop breathing difficulties?

CMTA means Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, which to me means Hope. Hope for a treatment! Hope for a cure! Find out more here: www.cmtausa.org

Donate here: https://www.cmtausa.org/index.php?option=com_jdonation&view=don...