What do you think of these high tech compact kitchens?


Cool, I still LOVE the big kitchens though! That's where I find we spend most of our time...neat though!

It is certainly not for me. The small microwave oven, tiny refrigerator, and small sink are not big enough. This is for one person, living alone, who cooks one dish, eats, cleans up, cooks second dish, eats, cleans, etc. without another person also wanting to get coffee or something from the refrigerator. And definitely not for someone with CMT who has trouble standing all the time.

I think this is a gimmick, designed to draw attention but without any real expectations that it will sell. Such is common at trade shows.

John Shaw

pretty ingenious but I don't think I would like one personally.

Yes, I agree, I think they are surely for ONE person, for one dish meals! I could never use something this small for my gang, but I do think they're neat.

Have you seen the trend for the tiny homes? They are so small this kitchen wouldn't even work in them.

I love looking at pictures of those tiny homes. I would be too claustephobic in one tho'. They would certainly be cheaper to live in.

Oh, I know! Sometimes this house isn't big enough! I was raised in big, beautiful old homes with large rooms and lots of space. This house is more like a cottage, it's charming, but not for storage!

Dear SK :

WOW!!!!! What a concept. Someone put a lot of thought into designing this unit, too bad practicality was not one of those concepts. This is a fine show, but really, what is one going to do with such a little set of cubed cooking implements, or such tiny equipment. Furthermore, where would ou store thiese futuristic miniatures. Good Concept, bad invention. This is why its being shown as a demonstration model, at a trades show!!!!.