What is your favorite gadget?

With physical challenges we are best helped by different 'gadgets'. Here are a few of my favorites, what are some of yours?

This is the very best way to clean, especially under the beds!


This saves me from having to climb sometimes!


My favourite gadget is my cleaning lady. She comes in twice a week for hour or two at a time and doesn't mind what she does. She cleans my car, does DIY, is a lady's maid, puts the rubbish & recycling out, just about everything. I would be lost without her.

Grab bars for tubs and showers are important not just people with disabilities but for all people. Anyone can slip and fall in a tub or shower, and falls in the bathroom are exceptionally dangerous due to the hard objects that can damage a head.

see http://www.cvs.com/shop/Home-Health-Care/Bathroom-Safety/Bathtub-Safety-Rails-&-Grab-Bars/_/N-3uZ13mec2Z2k?pt=SUBCATEGORY for a sample. Most drug stores, hardware stores, and home improvement "big box" stores carry this.

The best choice is to permanently install grab bars. That does mean cutting holes in the tub, so it should be done by someone with the proper tools and experience. But it is not expensive, and in some areas will be done for free by agencies who serve the disabled or seniors.

Suction cub grab bars will only work on smooth, glass like surfaces, but are a good option for travelers to keep in their luggage for use in hotel bathrooms.

PCM, I like your gadget! I got a good chuckle out of that one! I had one too and she retired, hoping to replace her this week! It's the floors I really need help with! My robot is great, the Dyson is greater! Vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing the floors is as bad as it gets for me!

John, you are so right! We recently installed them when my mom fell and broke her hip, but we ALL use them, not only in the bathroom, but at the top of the stairs.

The walls needed to be reinforced in both areas, luckily my husband is a master woodworker! He also built an excellent ramp. I'll try to upload a photo of that!

My favorite gadget, are my new shoes from New Balance with the "Rollbar" in the heel and the firm center sole. It keeps my left foot from rolling to the left and gives me much more stability. Only my left foot/leg is affected with CMT. Before I found these shoes, I could not walk on anything except solid, level surfaces.

I can now mow my lawn again. What a blessing that is.

Best gadget is hands down a bidet toilet seat. www.bidetking.com.

Improves quality of life immensely.