What just happened?

Hello everyone and thanks for being here. I was diagnosed with GBS after first symptoms on August 8 2015 and was intubated within about 24 hours. Spent nearly 40 days in the hospital. Took an ambulance ride home and started home-health-care/therapy which lasted about 120 days or more and am still recovering some 225+ days after original diagnosis. Seriously bad neuropathy now with probably a couple years of recovery ahead of me as a result. No guarantee of total healing though. It has been hard to say the least. Im alive. I can hug my wife and walk around and smell the roses so-to-speak. Picture is from The day I arrived home on about day 40 and about 2 or 3 weeks prior to diagnosis of GBS. 2 different people.

I'm so sorry you are on this journey, but glad you found this group. Keep positive about your recovery, it won't be easy and might take a while, but you can get back so much. Life does get better, hang in there!

WOW_ congratulations for being so strong! You will continue to get better...hang in there!