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Im on the tail end of this syndrome and it hascompletely changed everything in my life, its been a year and i dont know if ill ever be the same or feel the same about the world. I dont know if i can make anyone ever understand what ive been through or seen, felt. Noone ever understands and i feel like all my opportunities have fallen to the wayside.

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Define the opposite.of support

I don't think that anyone can truly understand unless they have actually experienced it. I'm trying to accept that right now. Some people are more sympathetic but others expect you to move on because they feel you are too focused on it. They don't realize what an internal personal fight this thing can be and has been and when you try to explain, it can be overwhelming to them and they are tired of hearing about it. I love this site because people do understand. You can express how you feel and there are usually others who can relate and offer support and their ways of moving forward. I'm not as far along with this as some but my life has changed since and at first I saw all of my opportunities drop from my list. The negative experiences really brought me down-more the doubting people that I encountered than even the physical disabilities but I laugh about some of it now because it was so unbelievably wrong. I don't know yet how far my recovery will be but I decided that I can accept a change in my path and push forward even if it's slow and not what I planned. And I don't want to sound sickeningly positive because this hasn't been easy for me but opportunities might be somewhere I never looked.


I feel for you as I feel exactly the same way that you do, I get it.

Perhaps I can offer you a story. When I was a teenager my father left abruptly, and instead of going off to college i had to get a job.

So my life took a different path and along the way I met my wife, and we have 2 beautiful children together. I often think back to my father leaving, which was a terrible time and a lost college opportunity, and in a way I am grateful as if he hadn’t left I never would have met my wife.

So try not to focus on the opportunities lost, there will be others as there always are!

And the most important part of the story? I eventually went to college and got my degree :slight_smile:

You will get over this and have the strength to chase the opportunities that matter to you.

Best wishes

I quit caring a long time ago