What part of your body has CMT hit the hardest?

As for me, the arthritic, it would have to be my SI joints, better know as the Sacroiliac.It's not just the pain, it's the dysfunction!


How about you?

For me, my legs, one in particular. I cannot use my right leg to even life myself; I only use my left leg going up or down stairs. Both ankles are also weak. I walk with a cane, sometimes a rolling walker.


Mostly feet and legs. Operations on both feet and right foot amputated. However I also my shoulders have been curling in. This and the arthritis makes my range of motion very limited and painful.

Sk ;

for me, the hardest hit part of my body that C.M.T. hits, has got to be my legs. The real joke of this disease has got to be the incredible pain, and the annoying coldness of my lower limbs.


Legs, feet, cold legs and feet

Thanks for your response, it gives me a better understanding of what you go through.

Cold, I can relate to the cold part, not only is it the arthritis, but also the raynaud's phenomenon.


I can also relate to the pain, I've had a couple of morphine, and ethyl chloride days!

You all are just the nicest folks, I feel so at home with you, I wish I was able to blink my eyes and wiggle my nose and make all of that go away! Would much rather have met you at a posh beach resort! I mean while we're wishing, lets go big!

Big hugs,


I would love to be able to go to a beach and walk in the sand without worrying that I will fall because of weak ankles and poor balance, but we can dream :)

But you see, we're wishing , so you would have strong, beautiful ankles, with the poise and balance of a ballerina! If not, we'd get a liter, you know the thing they carried Cleopatra on. Have nothing but good looking men in thongs, like Jayme's, carrying you around!

You see I have a vision...