What usually happens next

My mum is now on day 8 of being admitted to hospital . Day 6 of suspecting it was GBS. Finished taking the immunoglobulin , she has had extremely low salts and low blood pressure over this time and now had blood in her sick . She is still alert in herself now and knows exactly what is going on around her which she was a little confused at times in the past week .what usually happens next in other people’s experiences .thankyou

My very last dose of immunoglobulin made me incredibly sick. After that, it was a waiting game. They kept me in the hospital for a couple extra days, then moved me into resident rehabilitation. Everyone is different though. Good luck with your mother. Wishing her a very speedy recovery.

Thankyou I’m just hoping now that she is starting to get better and can move onto the stage of rehabilstion . Is there anything that family can do to help . Do you think massage helps once she starts rehab x

To be honest, I didn't want anyone touching me. My feeling didn't return to normal for over a year. Washrags in particular were horrible to touch. The best thing for me was just having someone that would listen to me. Ask her what she needs. She is the best judge.

Thankyou for letting me know as only you that are going through this and have gone through this will know exactly how you feel . I will ask her when she is feeling a little better she is a very independent women normally so it’s very hard for her to ask for help even when we say is there anything u need or want she doesn’t ask for anything :frowning: x

I was that way too. I didn't want help, but with this illness, you just have to have it. You swallow your pride and have to ask. (If I hadn't, I'd still be sitting in the bathroom trying to get back up off of the privy!) It's embarrassing, but you eventually get over that as well. One of the things that I remember most was having to move positions constantly. Seems I could only lay in one position for about 15 minutes, then I'd have to switch positions. That was super hard in the beginning because I couldn't do it myself, and I HATED calling the staff in to help me as I knew they had so many more people to help. I don't know if your mother has this issue, but maybe you can ask if she needs to be repositioned. That would have been a tremendous help to me.

Whatever you do, don't get her a Furby! Not sure if you remember those or not, but it's this little toy that talks... and my wonderful sister, bless her heart, thought this would be some company for me when she wasn't there. That thing would make sounds and I could do nothing to stop it! (Just a little humor for you there)

Maybe you could sit and read to your mom. I was an avid reader and couldn't even hold a book, let alone focus long enough to read.

Anyway, I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Just have patience.

This made me chuckle as you sound very much like my mum , she would find that annoying a funny sat there talking away haha . Yes she loves reading , I will take her the local paper and read that to her great idea :slight_smile: yes she does get uncomfortable I try to help get her comfy with her pillows . I will try that more . I am ever so grateful for your help and advice . X

Its been a year for me. I’m wondering if it gets better with time.

Emanuel - yes it does!

I can relate to having to change positions. Between my shoulder blades down to my low back just burned so much. I lived for the every 2 hour turns from side to side. I had to have to cool in the room. Getting hot and sweaty just made the back discomfort worse. You do have to swallow your pride. One night my leg fell off the bed, and I thought how I could let it stay that way before calling someone. I could not walk or control my owes or bladder. I have returned to work after 10 weeks. The IVIG treatments helped so much. I noticed changes each day at the rehab. I still have sensitive fingers and toes, get goose bumps, weakness in right leg. I am having problems with knee joint pain and stiffness when I haven’t moved for a few minutes. Anyone else have joint problems?

Wow - they sure caught hers early which is definitely in her favor. I had GBS is 1988. She will be alert through the whole thing - I was 100% alert. Well, she should start to get better. It all comes back - over a few months. I have nothing from my GBS - maybe a little weakness in my legs, but I am just feeling it is probably that I am getting older, and I could be in better shape. Nebretta

Update on my mum . She seems to be improving now . The blood in her sick turned out to be an ulcer they are giving her antibiotics . Her sodium levels are still low but not like they were before they was seriously dangerously low she is on very restricted fluids to help with the sodium levels . She has started seeing physio yesterday who says her left hand is improving well she can straighten this hand out but not much in the other hand . Not well enough yet to try to see how her legs are but it shouldn’t be long before they start physio on her legs . Feeling hopeful today . I want to thank all of you for helping me get through this past week The support is amazing . My mum says the massage helps her and physio said its good for her I keep straightening her right hand out which keeps clawing up . Will keep you all updated on her progress thanks once again .

That's awesome news Donna! I'm sending good vibes your mothers way. I'm sending patience your way! Such great news!

Thankyou . She’s still stable and getting some feelings back . Just waiting to see what physio say about her legs and see if they going to start physio on them . Feeling grateful that she is stable . Thankyou for all the help and advice you have all helped me through a difficulty worrying time .