What works best for your joint pain?

I think I need a new drug, any ideas or suggestions?

I have been reading that some people are taking COQ10 for pain and leg cramps. Many I have seen post that it works for them. It is not a drug but a suppliment....worth looking into I guess. I am going to see if I can get my son to try it

I take Bacloflen for the terrible cramping. It really helps.

Hey Dinny! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the advice!

Hi Gaynelle,

You know, I used to give that to my husband until he got to the contrary point of not wanting to take vitamins anymore, but may still have some, better check the dates! Thanks!

If you try it,, I hope it works. If not I hope you find something that works,

I suggest low-dose naltrexone 4,5mg once a day in the evening for joint pain. hyaluronate acid could also be good together with LDN.