Who is your rock, your inspiration?

My mom and husband would be my 'rocks', they are my most concerned, most supportive. My grand kids are my inspiration! If anyone can get me out of bed, off the couch and excited, it's a call from one of them telling me they want to come down!

Tell me about yours, please?

This is a great question, but it's a stumper for me right now, SK. In Florida, I am a rock -- I don't have rocks, you know what I mean? When I get home to my family, it will be different.

You're a rock here too, and we adore you for it! However if you should need one at any time , you have my '301'. Any time!

Sk :

My " Rock of garbraltors " during my C.M.T. episodes, are my Mom, ( That woman could get anybody through any disaster ) and, ( laugh if you want ) but during the eighties, there was a telvision character by the name of MacGyver, Everytime I have an episode of periodic paralysis, and I think I can't do something, I just think to myself " How would MacGvyer handle this situation " , and before I know it, the crisis is averted. These are my two heros.

Jayme, p.s. When Mac Gyver ended the series, I cried like a little baby, Why ? BECAUSE i LEARNED SO MUCH BY WATCHING HIM

I understand that perfectly, Jayme. Buffy the Vampire Slayer got me through a couple of rough years. In fact, I was singing her theme song just this morning, I kid you not. We all need a superhero once in awhile (or super-resourceful one, like MacGyver.)

Oh, I know MacGyver! He could do anything, and the women LOVED him! I think I saw a glimpse of a rerun the other day when my mom was seeing if she couldn't deprogram the remote! She hits so many of the WRONG buttons, I'm surprised she hasn't crashed a space satellite! It was a great show, that and the 'Wild, Wild West' (maybe it was only one wild) were both before their time!

Glad you have such a great mom, Jayme. I do too!

The veterans inspire me too, some have gone through so much catastrophic injury...

Oh, you better believe we pwe our service veterans so much thanks for defending our country. That is a debt that we cannot ever fully fully repay. U.S. veterans are our true heros, and our role models.