Who takes vitamins?

I take a multi vitamin, and add cal/mag for muscle and bone, additional d3 for absorption and bone health, and add potassium to help prevent terrible charlie horses, Liquid B12. Probiotics.

I have a variety of other vitamins here, but these are the basics!

Anyone else take vitamins? Supplements of any kind?

Yes I take WSN Nerve & Energy Booster & WSN Nerve Support Formula

PCM said:

Yes I take WSN Nerve & Energy Booster & WSN Nerve Support Formula

I take turmeric for inflammation , probiotics, coconut oil. My doc told me to take CoQ10. She says there is a study going on now to see how it affects CMT.

PCM, have you noticed a signficant difference since you began taking the nerve formulas?

HI Toby,

Tell me how much tumeric you take, please and how much it helps?

Rocky tells me he takes Salmon Oil, anyone else?


I think I may be buying these next time ! Thanks for the heads up, Rocky!

SK said:

PCM, have you noticed a signficant difference since you began taking the nerve formulas?

I've been taking them since beginning of March and rather feel they are helping me. They are not cheap though and I also have to pay quite a bit for delivery because they come from USA

Me too...a multi vitamin, cal/mag, D3, probiotics, and a few others to balance my hormones. As I mentioned before, my naturopath recommended anti oxidant for nerve nourishment that contains CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, green tea extract, zinc, selenium , and curcumin for inflammatory. I haven't started the anti oxidant or curcumin yet. Sometimes all these supplements overwhelm me, so I have to ease into them all.

I need something for nerve pain!

375mg CuraMed is the brand. I only take 1 a day but I believe I should up it to 2.

maybe Terry Naturally is the brand I got it at Earth Fare. My legs feel ALOT better.

SK said:

HI Toby,

Tell me how much tumeric you take, please and how much it helps?

Thank your Toby! Glad this is such a help to you! That's the ticket!

Yes, Carm, ALC is supposed to be so beneficial for nerve related issues, I think I could use a truckload! Mine is nerve pain!

The WSN Nerve and Energy Booster that I take has 300mg R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and 1000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL.


Wow, PCM, this is very impressive! I bet this made a BIG difference in how you feel?

Well I have noticed an improvement with numbness/heaviness/burning/pins & needles. The problem is I know the effects of CMT get worse as time goes on and I have 'good' days and 'bad' days. All we can expect realistically is to try and maintain whatever state we are in and try and prevent it getting worse. My worse problem is definitely my balance. This prevents me doing so many things. It is so much easier to stay indoors with bare feet than to try and balance myself while wearing shoes. It is often such a relief to come home again.

Oh, I understand the relief of getting home, PCM! My biggest problem is riding in the car. My SI joints are so damaged that the slightest bump, swerve, dip is sometimes unbearable, so I stay home as much as I can.

I do better in shoes, the kind I wear help to keep my feet from turning over on my ankles and help support my back. But then we have two completely different things. If I stay barefoot or in slippers too long while up, I suffer!

My feet are starting to turn over too. The problem that I have with shoes is that I can't balance while wearing them. The hospital have taken off the heels altogether on some of my shoes. I do better when walking uphill and find it very, very difficult walking downhill. My feet are better when my toes are high than my ankles (for balance). I constantly feel like I am about to fall. Great fun! I do try to think of it as a game but some days this is easier said than done!

PCM, here is what I wear, it has the 'roll bar' which keeps the ankle from turning, and if you look at the view of the sole, you'll see that the sole is almost straight on the sides, it is not as drastically indented, and helps you with balance.

I have several versions of this, done over, I would not get the netting, it's always 'scruffy' looking! Also note that the ones with the straps rather than the laces are deeper, so if you wear an insert or brace, you would want this kind.


Just thought I'd let you know! We have to find out so much on our own!

Hi SK. The problem I have is that I can't use my left arm. Any shoes I wear have to be put on using just my right arm - basically slip-ons.

PCM and SK...as I mentioned I take an Antioxidant Network by CanPrev. It has

N-acetyl cysteine 200mg

Coenzyme Q10 100mg

Mixed tocopherals 150mg

Green tea extract 60mg

Zinc 5.5mcg

Selenium 100mcg

I finally started taking one a day, as I mentioned I take a few natural supplements and it was so overwhelming for me. But I was told that this one will help with nerve. So I buckled up and said thought this is important with CMT. I felt a bit shaky when I took it yesterday, we will see today...anyone feel this way when taking the above mentioned combination???? Or anyone finding it helps with strength???