Wildwest 3-D view of our defective nemesis and life-saving antibody; IgG


Our CIDP defect resides at the bottom, on the right side of the large photo, where the strands of green protein are (our light-chain proteins)... at the place that looks like an open mouth. That mouth doesn't bite our myelin, it spits out chemical signals that call out to our cavalry of killer cells. However, with CIDP, the cavalry cells misunderstand the spit signals (think: smoke signals in the wind) and fail to engage the bad guy's cascade on one flank (Fcy111). Myelin cells, mere lipids really, and the good guys, begin dropping like flies.

IgG infusion is a new IgG cavalry, a virgin cavalry who have not been corrupted by our genetic misinformation, gambling, whiskey and saloon girls. When the axon surroundings are cleared of miscreants, no-good-nic-IgG and cattle rustlers; the inflammation subsides, pain decreases, remyelinaztion restarts; and the wagon-train action-potentials; from our lower-neuron command headquarters shouts out; in louder electrical signals; all yelling, YEE-HAW! MOVE 'EM OUT!. And, signals begin flowing to the muscle outposts again. After the battle, cowboy cavalry macrophages ride off into the their final apoptosis sunsets, campfire songs are sungs and then life is once again good for many, many hard-working muscles on the frontier of our lives.