Will I ever RUN again?

Has anyone ran after being diagnosed with GBS? If so how long after you were diagnosed and do you recommend any exercises that can get me closer to my goal of myself running again someday!! I was diagnosed 7 months ago… Day to Day my walking is improving and I am no longer needing a walker or cane… I know I have a long road ahead of me with my recovery, but hearing that I can run again someday will really be inspiring and encouraging!!!

For sure.. Just wait for few more months :) I started running after almost 2.5 yrs and I used to run quite well :) Now your post has pushed me to start running again. Never ever stop exercising :)

I never was a runner…but today I just went for a 19 mile bike ride. And I have been kayaking since before I knew the diagnosis…so three months after…mine was a light case…
But I go to the gym, work with a trainer and stay active…

You will run, just stay patient and active! I have found Pilates with a personal trainer to be very good for conditioning. I am not walking well
yet, after 15 mos., but I get better
slowly with exercise and biking. This ailment is not easy to deal with but it does seem to eventually go away.
Good luck, you can do it!

I was a keen runner and was actually training for a half marathon when I got sick. I had a very severe case and was walking with a cane after about five months. I started walking on a treadmill with incline after seven months and gradually increased the pace over time. I was back running outside after about 14 months but it caused quite significant pain in my feet so I stopped again. I started running again recently, it is now 2 years and I have no side effects. I can really enjoy it again :slight_smile: You will get there eventually but it takes longer than you think to regain your full strength and it is tempting to overdo it. Just try and remember how far you have come!

Hi page, looks like you've gotten a good answer to your question already -- and that is, yes, if your feet can take it! I never had much of an exercise regimen before I got GBS, but I cycle now regularly, and it's really been beneficial. My feet hurt too much to run, but I think cycling provides a similar outlet. Good luck to you!

I haven't run yet. I am afraid to try. About six months ago, I was counting my money and walking on a windy day, and a dollar bill blew out of my hand. I tried to run after it, but I only hobbled really fast. I couldn't catch it and the wind almost took it away, but this old man, (he looked about 85) ran after it for me and got it back. He looked like he felt great about helping me out....and I kind of felt like crap that I couldnt do it. I haven't really tried again. I haven't tried to ride a bike yet either. But most of the time I walk without my cane.

QweensGambit, your story almost made me cry. If you can walk without your cane, you need to start to push yourself or you won't make progress. I'm not saying go to exhaustion, because I'm very familiar with the fatigue issues, but it will take real effort, every day. Get your bike out and try it. Brace yourself against a wall and go for it. I was still walking with a cane when I got my unicycle down from the rafters, and I just dove in. Yes, you might fall, but wear gloves and get back up. I'm over 60, and I ride every day now. Riding has turned my life around, and I'm almost normal now.

OK, so it doesn't have to be cycling, but swimming or yoga or something. Find something you like and it will be a joy.

Good luck!

Running was such a big part of my life before this happened. I had a mild case of GBS but am still recovering. I am running again but at a very slow pace and not too far. The first time I tried, I could only run for 2 and 1/2 minutes. Since then, I have worked up to 1 & 1/2 miles about 3 days a week. I'm starting PT tomorrow so I'm hoping they can help me with how to approach my recovery better. If you do try to run, I recommend starting off easy. It was discouraging for me at first and so easy to overdo it. I feel like I lost confidence in my physical self. I am appreciative that I am able to run again no matter how limited and am hopeful that I will continue to improve. And LanceB, I am so impressed by your daily riding of a unicycle.

Oh the day I can run again. :). I can’t wait either

Well, I am not a runner - but I feel that you will be able to run again. I do not have any restrictions. Nebretta

THANK YOU everyone for your responses, your advice & experiences!! I can’t wait to train my body to run again & to accomplish my goals :slight_smile:

QweensGambit… I know exactly how you felt when you attempted to run after the dollar bill but couldn’t… That’s where I’m at right now! I don’t have the capability to run. My body doesn’t respond to the signals… So even when I try to run I cant, and its hard not to fall over due to lack of balance. That’s why I was scared if I’d ever run again.

Even though I am not the one who started this thread, thank you for your replies to my reply! It means a lot and gives me hope. I am pretty sure I would fall if I tried to ride a bike. As far as running, I just cant. I am doing the immunoglubulin infusions every three weeks, but I don’t think they are helping much. ...

Anyway, I am grateful i can walk, type, shower, go to the bathroom by myself and feed myself...because there was a time that I couldn't.

I am not the same person as before I got sick, but it could have been worse.

@Mdolich How long after getting sick for the first time do people usually relapse? How and how long after, did you realize your case was chronic? Is there a chance it could happen to me? Its been three years since I got sick. I am afraid of a relapse. If it happens, they had better take me in the hospital because when I first got sick I was sent home from the ER many times before they finally admitted me. I wont let that happen again. I wont leave until they take me. I hope I never relapse!

mdolich said:

As for me, NO. I had a severe case of GBS in 2003 then was re-diagnosed CIDP due to relapses. Due to this it has left my feet totally numb. I also have drop-foot from GBS/CIDP and have to wear AFO's on both lower legs/feet in order to keep my balance.

There are a lot of GBS survivors that are able to regain the full use of their feet & legs, and many have a full recovery. But there are a few like me that end up in the chronic stage with CIDP. I hope you will gain the full use of your legs in order to run once again.

Good Luck, ""Stay Strong and keep a Positive Attitude""

I found out today that you can strengthen your core by walking backwards and forwards in a pool. Has anyone tried this and had any luck? They did say with GBS to be extremely careful especially in a pool because you can tire suddenly and need assistance so they said to always have someone with you.

I use a kick board and a pool noodle in the pool. Pool noodle in the deep end and pedal like on a bike. I also walk in the pool. Iam flying today, more worried about that. Bought pressure socks gloves and last set on plane. Will be back in a month. Everybody take care. Don’t over do it. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I was eager to start running again too. When I returned home I couldn’t run (the muscles weren’t strong enough and were not responding quick enough to make the proper movements). I focused on balance and leg strengthening, and just kept checking if I could run each week. Eventually it happens, and you can start building up slowly. You’ll get there! Just work on getting strong and one day it’ll happen.

I have drop foot too, but its not terribly bad. I have been trying to walk without my cane, after losing a couple of them and not really being able to afford to keep buying them. (How could I possibly lose my canes, you might wonder? ? When I go in the stores, I use a shopping cart to lean on, and put the cane in the cart, and then wheel my stuff to my car, and inadvertently leave the cane in the cart). The last time I thought I was okay to walk without my cane I ended up falling a couple of times, so I am a little nervous about it, especially in big open places. In my house is okay because there is tons of stuff to grab onto and its all soft and carpeted. The thing with drop foot is that you dont know when its going to happen. Its like, I am just going about my life and for no apparent reason my ankle turns to a noodle for a few seconds. This usually happens just as I take a step.

I know the feeling, Qweens, my knee did that for a while. It was disconcerting to be walking along and the knee just bends for no particular reason. Had to react quickly to keep from falling. But it went away after a while, hopefully your foot will get better, too.