Wind chill advisories, are you targeted?

Seems millions of us are under wind chill advisories for below zero in the double digits! BRRR!

I know that many of you are under LOTS of snow, I have a friend in Maine who doesn't know where to pile the shoveled snow anymore!

So dig out those extra blankets, get out those heavy socks, heating pads, bake something in the oven, have a hot tea, or better yet, a hot toddy, find a good long movie, and stay in if you can!

What's the weather like in your corner of the world?

I am in northern Minnesota so the sub zero temps are just a normal winter day here. We don't have much for snow here at all this year. Appears it is all on the East coast. For those of you who are not used to this weather....stay in doors if possible, Don't over exert yourself with the shoveling. A little at a time. Don't eat a heavy meal after being outside shoveling for a long period, it is hard on the heart. You can get frost bite in 30 minutes if your skin is exposed to sub zero temps. Bottom line, be safe and stay warm.

Hey gramma! I really feel for you, our weather is as close to that of the Canadians as it gets!

It's snowing like crazy here now, and laying quickly, but the winds are calm at present. It's calling for MINUS 20-30 degrees with 60-70 mile gusts! And its usually windier here than the other areas!

Luckily our little house is sturdy and withstands the winds well, it is not uncommon for it to actually blow the back door open! It's time my husband gets on that project! It's nice to have a handy husband, its just the hurry up and wait till they get to it part that is maddening!

Those are some good tips for those shoveling, who better to write the book than one from Minnesota! Luckily my husband can shovel just about everything with the tractor, so he doesn't have to put his back onto it anymore!

we haven't experienced winds like that this year. but our temps are the same as yours. My dad had a four wheeler with a plow that he used too so the only thing he shoveled was the ramp to the house.....stay safe my friend :)

OMG! Freezing, just woke up to -25 without the windchill. Very crisp out there I am sure! Lots of snow too! Of course, this is totally not good for us CMT patients!! Throws everything off, more pain! Lots of weakness to add. I so need a beach, with the warm sun beaming on me. I am in Ontario, Canada. Trying to get away with the family, its hard with two boys, one in second year high school and the other in grade 5. Can't pull them out too long anymore like when they were in the lower grades!

HAPPY VALENTINES weekend all !

I hear you Carm! The beach has been calling my name for months now!

I would love to be somewhere warm and sunny. It would be grand if we could all meet up some where warm!

I am in South Africa. …heat wave at the moment with temps around 35 degrees Celsius.

Wow Sammy, we could use some of that heat, believe me!