Word to the wise...Off topic

My son is a master auto tech and he has warned me to be sure to do an undercarriage wash on all vehicles to get rid of the salt mixture used to treat the roads in winter. The salt is extremely corrosive. Most of the new car washes will offer this.

I just did the last week, and it calls for 2-4 inches of snow starting tomorrow night! I can hardly wait!

dont do it!!! most undercarraige washes use hot water.that combo of salt,mixxed with htwater causes rust at much increased rate.I come from chicago,and this is what i learned as a ASE master tech,chrysler mastertech,and a instructor at local college for ASE testing.only real way to fight this,is to get salt banded,in favor of better things(they use a green liquid now to replace salt,that is better for all involved,just cant remember name of this anti-ice liquid).

Hi Timothy, I have a Pacifica.

So you are suggesting that I do NOT wash the underneath at all? It is the rust I’m trying to avoid.