Would like to post this to everyone with CMT

Hi I was diagnosed with CMT in 1974. I had surgery done on my foot to lower the arch as I was having a lot of pain in my feet when I walked. The surgery was to lower my arch so I would walk properly on my foot. I was told if I did one foot I would have to do the other one as well. With a lot of pain with the healing process the pain continued. So needless to say I never had to other foot done. I was sent to Chedoke hospital in Hamilton and was then Diagnosed with CMT. I was unable to walk very far so it was suggedted that I used a scooter to get around. This was extremely helpful as I was a single parent of three kids 2,5 & 8, I walked with a cane and managed in my home for along time. I worked for several years as a swichboard operator but found that at age 55 I was just too tired to cope with a partime job and went out on disability. My childred are grown now and my older daughter lives with me and I have homemakers come in 6 hours a week to bathe me and help with housework and meals. I use a power chair in the house, my scooter outside and drive my own van with hand controls. I am still abel to walk short distances with a walker but fine I put a lot of weight on my back so am in constant back pain. I keep busy with Church, disability groups and I do a lot of reading. I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease so I tire very easily.

Do AFOs help with pain and balance? Is there anything to take for the pain other than over the counter drugs.

Rocky I noticed on your blog that you live in Waterloo Ontario and was also diagmosed at Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton. I was wondering if we could meet one another or just talk on the phone to see how each one of us was coping with CMT.

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