Wrist Pain

I have CIDP going on 11 years. Mainly knee and below for pain and floppy feet. I have wrist pain now with

Iā€™m sorry to hear about that Jim. You may want to reach out to your doctor, and let them know that you are experiencing a new pain. They may have a suggestion for you, without needing to be seen. I know most of us are trying to avoid going IN to the doctor right now.

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Do you use a cane? That can cause bad wrist/hand pain. I know from experience. Using a cane has also damaged my shoulder.

  • I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2009. Have developed osteoporosis and severe muscle loss due to the normal loss of muscles (Its called sarcopenia )I have wrist pain that has been diagnosed as arthritis.Had a session of rehab. Learned what
    muscles were causing my pain and exercises for them. Proper exercise for any pain is good way to control the pain. Avoiding use of muscles and joints for me is the wrong way to treat the pain. When it flares its ugly head, I apply heat or cold depending on which type of pain (Osteoporous - cold, Arthritis heat ) is occurring. and then do my exercises. Good luck take care be safe** Ethel
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Thankyou for responses. My Neuro sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon and an xray shows degenerative arthritis. JDU

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