Zappers from head to toe

As RobF stated in his intro post, he gets nerve pains that are intense as if he gets zapped. Does anyone else get them that goes from head to toe? Since getting CIDP, every time I see someone get hurt in a video/tv, I get a sensation that goes from head to toe as if I got zapped with 120 volts ( I use to be a HVAC tech and know what it is like to get electrical shock through your body. It is very consistent, and is the same sensation each time. I definitely cannot watch "Funniest Home Videos" as they always show people getting hurt. We were at a restaurant yesterday and a little 2 year old boy fell off the chair, and instantly I got zapped, full body.

I don't get Zappers per say I do get zapping nerve pain but they are untriggered best I can tell. I will say that I get what feels like a small electric current running the length of my body usually way worst at night. Hope this helps.

If I replay the falls I first had, I get the same shocking sensation full body.