ZIKA & IgG Supplies

GBS, Zika and the supply of IG antibodies for CIDP/GBS treatment in the United States... comments, news? You tell me. My belief is that Zika will deplete supplies of IgG as it moves north, as GBS cases stream into emergency rooms. Mosquitoes know no geographical boundaries and pregnant mothers who get GBS (or any malady that resembles it), who become paralyzed are making waves and big news in Hawaii and other tropical climes. Summer in North America approaches.

We live in a supply and demand society, however pregnant and frightened, expectant mothers can and will be very demanding if the fear factor amplifies through media misinformation and the quest for higher viewer ratings.

I see that the CDC is moving in on this possible problem. My concern is purely a selfish one, without IvIG I become paralyzed/immobilized very quickly. From my market/stock/business readings the financial world is also focusing in on this problem of supply and demand of IgG.