Zika virus is linked to GBS

Per US News & Report:

In addition, the virus appears to be linked to a rise in a nerve ailment called Guillain-Barre syndrome that causes paralysis in adults. "El Salvador usually reports an average of 14 cases a month," says Dr. Marcos Espinal, the Pan American Health Organization's director of communicable disease programs. "Between December and January, they reported 46 cases."


So far the virus is spreading in Central and South America.

I wonder for us who were stricken with GBS, does this puts us in greater danger of having a recurrence of GBS if we came down with the Zika virus?

Interesting, I was sno-birding in central florida. The mosquitos came out at dusk and chased us back indoors every evening. I cant remember if I was bitten but I started my GBS on Dec 3rd. I also had pneumonia the 1st of Dec. I'm guessing it was the pneumonia though.

What symptoms have you got Rickyboby?
Interested to know as you’re 3 months in :slight_smile:

My double vision went away after 8 weeks, It only affects me after being awake 12 hours or so. The "shooting" nerve regeneration pain is more common now. The feet feel like they are thawing from a frost bite most of the time. I can walk without a cane maybe 100 feet, but use a cane most of the time. My finger tips are always tingling but bearable. I feel very encouraged with my improvements after such a short time. Just hope it all continues.

I can’t believe my doctor told me that my vision issues had nothing to do with GBS and was due to the medication but I kept telling him that my vision was worsened the more tired I got and he didn’t believe me that it was related to GBS. It gives me sanctuary being here on this site because he made me feel like I was making it up.

I think youre recovering is brilliant and well done for doing that. I still have the frostbite feeling after two years and the shooting pains but the latter are less frequent. My fingers still sometimes have a mind of their own (which is insane when trying type or use a phone).

Keep it up and don’t wear yourself out. You sound v positive which is the main thing that’ll keep you going!